Professional Fiber 25 g / 0.88 oz

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Mevys Camo Hair Fiber offers the ultimate resolution for a seamless and impeccable application of Hair Building Fibers. Witness a swift metamorphosis, as areas plagued by thinning hair instantly blossom into denser, fuller strands.










Product Features

Our Hair Fiber, an advanced third-generation powder inspired from Japanese technology excels in performance, effortlessly adhering to the hair's surface, providing strong fixation even in mild rain, gentle winds, and perspiration.


Cotton-Wool Free Fibers

Hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly fibers offer a lightweight texture, easy cleaning, and versatility, catering to diverse hair types and preferences. With consistent color options, odor-free composition, and enhanced moisture resistance, these non-itchy, washable fibers provide comfort and convenience for a reliable and stylish hair solution.


Weather Resistant 

Ensure your hair remains effortlessly voluminous and naturally full, even in light rain conditions or mild breezes. The weather-resistant properties of our hair fiber provide a reliable shield, preventing clumping or displacement.


5 Second Hair Concealer

Cover hair loss in just 5 seconds include instant and natural-looking results, boosted confidence, a quick and easy application process, and a temporary yet effective solution for concealing thinning areas.


Electro-Charged Fullness

Utilizing electrostatic adsorption, these hair fibers provide precision coverage by clinging to individual strands with accuracy, ensuring a natural appearance that mimics the texture and color of existing hair. The even distribution across the entire hair surface prevents clumping, while the fibers contribute to enhanced volume, creating a fuller and aesthetically pleasing result


No-Sweat Style Solution

Enhance your style without worry—these hair fibers are your go-to for a sweat-proof look.

Key Ingredients

Mevys prioritizes hair health by crafting products infused with abundant organic & botanical components, natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, all aimed at revitalizing chemically treated hair back to its original silky condition.


Cotton Gossypium Plant Fiber

The lightweight nature of cotton fibers adds volume and fullness without weighing down fine or thinning hair, providing a lift that lasts. Cotton fibers are soft and suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, offering relief from irritation or discomfort.


Natural-Iron Based Colorants

Renowned for their gentleness and fewer harsh chemicals, they offer a subtle and nuanced color enhancement. They are especially beneficial for those with sensitive scalps, seeking a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly approach to hair coloring that nourishes the hair shaft and provides a blend of natural tones for healthier-looking, customizable shades that endure.


How To Use

Achieve optimal results for fuller-thicker hair

Step 1: Spark Your Charm 

To begin, ensure your hair is dry. Tilt the bottle at a 45° angle, holding it 1 inch away for small thinning areas. Gently shake or sprinkle the product onto the affected area.

Step 2: Smoothly Spread 

Tailor the fibers to your liking by using your hands or a comb, allowing you to effortlessly increase or decrease the amount on your hair. Gently pat your hair and fibers until you achieve the desired result.


Step 3: Level-Headed Appliance

Secure a mess-free application on the front thin area by positioning your hands or hairline optimizer in front of the hairline, preventing any contact with the face or eyes.

Tested By Professionals

Mevys – a distinguished beauty brand meticulously curated and fervently embraced by top-tier professional stylists. Our products are a testament to excellence, designed to elevate your styling artistry to new heights.


We aim to provide an alternative range of treatments compared to those currently prevalent in the beauty industry, optimized for hair health through formulas free of harmful substances, combined with safe and up-to-date scientific advancements. All of this is aimed at empowering millions of users to conquer their hair challenges, achieving healthy and ever-lasting results."

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About Our Brand

Our mission is the cornerstone upon which we base our standard as a beauty line

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Our Commitments 

Mevys, an American brand, is dedicated to revitalizing chemically damaged hair using advanced botanical formulas seamlessly integrated into an innovative optimization system. With a cruelty-free commitment, Mevys ensures compassionate care for every strand, offering transformative results that showcase their unwavering dedication to beauty and well-being.