How to Restore and Revitalize Your Hair with Mevys?


Let’s take a look on how you can restore and revitalize your hair. Whether you're dealing with dry, damaged strands or struggling to maintain the vibrancy of your colored hair, Mevys has the perfect solution for you! Introducing our Intense Repair Hair Mask and Cool Violet Color Safe Hair Mask – two powerful hair treatments designed to nourish, strengthen, and revitalize your locks. With a blend of natural extracts and advanced technologies, these masks are here to rescue your hair and restore its natural beauty. Read on to learn more about the key ingredients, benefits, and how to use these incredible hair treatments.

Mevy's Intense Hair Repair Mask:

Ingredients (8oz):

  • Kiwi Extract: Rich in nutrients, Kiwi extract nourishes the scalp and moisturizes hair without weighing it down. It fights hair fall and promotes overall hair health.

  • Apricot Oil: Packed with vitamins A and E, Apricot oil repairs dry and damaged hair, promoting healthy hair growth.

  • Sweet Almond Oil: This conditioning agent promotes strong and healthy hair by improving blood circulation, reducing split ends and hair fall.

  • Linseed Oil: Known for its hydrating and repairing properties, Linseed oil effectively softens hair, leaving it smoother and more radiant.


  • Restores shine: The  Intense Repair Hair Mask revitalizes dull and lackluster hair, leaving it with a beautiful shine.

  • Strengthens hair: The powerful blend of ingredients helps to strengthen weak and brittle hair, reducing breakage and improving overall hair health.

  • Deeply conditions damaged hair: It provides intense hydration and nourishment to dry, damaged hair, making it more manageable and healthier.

How to Use:

  • After using Mevys Sulfate-Free Shampoo, apply a generous amount of Mevys Intense Repair Mask evenly to your hair.

  • Allow the mask to sit for 10 – 15 minutes. For enhanced results, you can use a hair steamer or wrap your hair in a warm towel.

  • Rinse the mask thoroughly, and style your hair as desired.

Mevys Cool Violet Color Safe Hair Mask:


  • Strengthens hair: The inclusion of Ginseng Extract in our mask helps to strengthen hair strands and promote hair growth.

  • Repairs damaged hair: The mask contains Soy Protein Extract, which adds flexibility to the hair, making it smoother, softer, and more manageable. Over time, you'll notice reduced breakage and stronger hair.

  • Fights frizz: With Aloe Vera as a key ingredient, the Cool Violet Hair Mask fights dryness and damage, particularly caused by humidity and heat styling tools. It helps repair and smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in more manageable and frizz-free hair.

  • Retains hair color: Enriched with Gingko Biloba extract and Wheat protein, the mask preserves the vibrancy of blonde, silver, or light-colored hair by neutralizing brassy and yellow tones that can develop over time.

How to Use:

  • Apply the mask to wet hair, distributing it evenly from roots to ends.

  • Let the mask sit for 5 - 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to work their magic.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly and admire the stunning results.



With Mevys Intense Repair Hair Mask and Cool Violet Color Safe Hair Mask, you have the power to transform your hair from dull and damaged to vibrant and revitalized. Embrace these nourishing treatments, and watch as your hair becomes stronger, shinier, and healthier with each use. Whether you're dealing with hair breakage, frizz, or color fading, Mevys has the solution you need. Take the first step towards healthier, beautiful hair, and say goodbye to your hair woes with Mevys today!

Embrace the power of Mevys Intense Repair Hair Mask and Cool Violet Color Safe Hair Mask. Say hello to the luscious hair you've always dreamed of! Visit our website now to explore our complete range of hair care products and take the first step towards healthier, more beautiful hair. Beauty begins with Mevys!

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