Anti-diversion commitment


       Blue Bloods; an extra step towards our fight against diversion


It is well known that blue is a primary color, and in the most romantic of expressions, our stylists represent just that, Mevys #1 priority. Our blue bottle not only represents Mevys prime clientele and how we protect our supply channel’s, but also symbolizes how we integrate “first class” botanical ingredients within our beauty formula. In ancient times, the term “blue blood” was reserved for royal families and denoted superiority, privilege & greatness, and that same graceful sense is what each hairdresser may expect upon acquiring one of our brands blue cobalt products to showcase in their salons. Thanks to our “blue blood” concept, you may generate impact and status among your colleagues with Mevys celestial radiance. An exclusive brand for you, the experts in the field; define beauty with Mevys.


Exclusiveness - Only for professional stylists

Besides being a brand committed to hair care, in that same degree, we are also committed with our hairstylists. Mevys, alongside its "blue blood" concept, seek in consolidating a successful and well renowned image, as the exclusive brand for professional stylists, creating equal opportunities between beauty salons & our selective group of vetted retailers. Following this business policy, we seek in culturizing our consumers in proper hair management to further promote fidelity of Mevys clients with their beauty salon, that, in addition, will be the foundation in establishing a loyal connection with our clients and their local salon. Here at Mevys, we direct our attention to hair professionals & personal, since our main goal is for our products to only be present where the true professionals lie. With this In mind, we shall successfully convey the importance and respect that our cosmetologists and stylists deserve, therefore, also towards the health & beauty industry and its determined supply channel.