Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz
Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz
Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz
Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz
Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz

Mevys Clarifying Shampoo 4 fl. Oz / 32 fl. Oz

Mevys Clarifying shampoo is a unique surfactant product, preceding our lemon treatments, that integrates our Mevys professional healthy hair optimization systems. Being a highly alkaline product, its functionality is effective for hair cleansing. The Clarifying Shampoo removes all types of impurities, residues from previous treatments, and particles of residual minerals and ions that negatively affect the hair, which usually lies in the water we use to wash our hair on a daily basis. The final results are a completely clean hair set with a salvaged cuticle, ready for the Mevys healthy hair treatment to be applied.
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Hair clarifying shampoo prepares the hair to receive the Mevys Optimization system



-Deep hair cleaner.

-Removes residue and particles from styling products and previous services from the hair.

-Hair clarifying shampoo prepares the cuticle of the hair to receive Mevys treatment.

Hair clarifying shampoo is for professional use only.

Warning: Keep Mevys hair clarifying shampoo out of reach from children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If ingestion or eye contact occurs immediately call your doctor.

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